Mi Costeñita is one of the largest companies in the country that offers high quality packaged goods such as Dried Peppers, Snacks, Spices, Herbs, Candies, Seasonings, etc. We began providing service to the Hispanic community, and as our product line grew, so did our customer base. Yoli, Inc. D.B.A. Mi Costeñita was created in Chicago, IL by the Dominguez family in 1995 as a family-owned and operated business. Our expansion is due to the quality of our products and our customer service, which proudly sets us above our competitors. Mi Costeñita began distributing locally in Chicago, and expanded to serve the Midwest area, and later servicing the Southern and Eastern regions of the country. The company’s growth is also reflected in its’ employees, having started with only 6 employees in 1995 to about 200 present-day and with more than 6,000 customers nation-wide. Some of our customers include stores such as Food-4-Less, Hy-Vee, Pick ‘n Save, Save-A-Lot, and Cub Foods among others. Thanks to the continued preference of our clients, we have a wealth of experience to satisfy the tastes and needs of our customers.

Our Process

Our products undergo a rigorous selection process as described below, so that our customers fully enjoy the final product.

  • Product Selection
  • Hand Selection
  • Packaging
  • Finished Product
  • Distribution
  • Store Display